Care Providers: Is there a better way?

There is a common expectation that delivering an outstanding service and empowering your service users will be expensive. With environmental changes in the care sector, care providers often feel that they are swimming against the current. They want to improve but are concerned that any changes add cost when money is already tight.

Can you produce savings while delivering an Outstanding Service and empowering service users? The facts show that with the right support system, costs can actually decrease rather than increase with a focus on quality.

An example of this is Insight Behavioural Service. Insight is a specialist provider of support services for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. Insight hold an enviable two outstanding CQC ratings. Supporting 31 service users in Kent, their philosophy is based on the belief that everyone should have the same opportunity to live life to the full.

Speeding up Administration

Administration is costly and time-consuming. Insight wanted to move away from the burden of paper files and benefit from the efficiencies of a software system. They wanted a single system which would bring all their information together electronically and be tailored to their specialist needs. The aim was to improve data collection, information sharing and to monitor staff in a more efficient manner – whilst also saving money and improving person-centred care.

Insight chose ECLIPSE care management software from leading health and social care technology provider, OLM Systems. It provided the flexibility they wanted as it can be used ‘on the move’, on any device, with anytime, anywhere access. The system allows creativity and efficiency with person-centred practices through quick and direct daily recording, chronology and case notes.

Using Samsung tablets, staff at Insight can now record and evidence detailed interactions immediately at the point of care. Updating records is quicker and time is not wasted typing up paper records, giving staff a lot more time. Service users can update their own plans through a variety of mediums including photography, which was not previously possible on paper files. Managers can check that tasks have been completed in real time, monitor productivity and manage their limited resource more accurately to ensure person-centered care.

Lynda Cashford, Director, Insight Behavioural Service commented:

  “We chose to switch from paper records to improve on the quality and reliability of the information recorded by staff. It was time consuming to check handwritten entries and ECLIPSE ensures that staff do not miss any information by prompting them to fill in documents in full.

The ECLIPSE software has optimised the care of our service users. Not only are staff spending less time completing paperwork, it is more discreet, causing less anxiety for our service users. They are able to spend their time where it is needed most, with the service users. The system allows us to store evidence, proving that we are completing practices every day to the high standards that CQC regulations expect.

How do you deliver an Outstanding service?

Technology plays a significant role in supporting organisations to deliver an Outstanding service and empower service users. To be most effective as a care provider, you need the right mix of people, processes and technology. This ‘holy trinity’ provides the perfect recipe for person-centered care.

At the Care Show, Resolve Care, a specialist LD provider based in the North East will be speaking about how they have managed to deliver an Outstanding service. In a similar vein to Insight, Resolve hold a double Outstanding rating for their homes. An accolade which the organisation has held since 2014, covering multiple inspections.

During their presentation, Anne and David (the owners of Resolve) will provide insight and top tips on how they have developed their people, processes and selected their supporting technology to ensure an outstanding service. Come along to discover top tips from an organisation that knows what it takes.

The Care Show will take place at the NEC in Birmingham between the 16th and 17th October. Come along and say hi. 

See what it takes to be Outstanding.