Collaborative Thinking

Collaboration is a key part of life. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Multi-agency safeguarding has proved this. By having all of the information about a child in one place you make sure that the jigsaw is complete. Information is not lost and lives can be saved, ensuring that tragedies such as Baby P are not repeated.

21st-century working

We use the term ‘21st-century working’ often but what does it truly mean? For OLM it is a state of mind. It may mean different things to different people but as an organisation, it evokes a sense of liberation for us. Work should be flexible. You should be able to take it with you and complete when most appropriate to you. For example, with the advent of smartphones and tablets, there are very few jobs in which you need to physically be in an office.

For Social Workers this sense of freedom is priceless. To be able to cut the strings attaching them to the office and update case notes on the route can save hours each day. This extra time can then be used with those who need help the most. Families in the greatest need can benefit and receive the extra time that they need to turn their lives around. This simple change in behaviour can help social work workers reclaim the routes of the industry and invest their time where needed most.

Supported by technology
Working in this manner is only possible with technological support. A mobile phone or table device is easy to find but if the software being utilised is not up to the same standard then the process becomes mute. It becomes almost like owning a football stadium but having no team to play in it. You have the infrastructure but the software ends up letting you down. At OLM we are dedicated to creating technology that supports social workers that provides the muscle that supports that social work skeleton.

Regardless of which model of care you work by, you need technology to support you. With over 26 years’ experience, we have worked with local authorities from across the length and breadth of the UK. From designing software that supports the collaborative models of working to products that comply with legislation, we realise that technology is essential. It underpins everything in society and without which we would be lost. For social work it is the essential muscle that moves the skeleton forward.

The Platform for Prevention and Collaboration

To improve outcomes and enable effective early intervention, prevention and safeguarding, agencies must collaborate.

Early indicators of vulnerability and harm are able to be identified if partners work together. The ability for multiple agencies to use or view systems is central to new ways of working across the care sector. We have built unique functionality to enable different agencies to work together effectively.

Joint working is a complex area and we understand different agencies work in different ways. Crucially, by using the Platform authority’s and their partners are able to use the appropriate integrated working models to enable collaboration to occur.

The Platform allows multiple agencies to simultaneously enter information into a single online form, keeping process times to an absolute minimum. A sophisticated security model sits at the core of the Platform, which supports multi-agency usage whilst protecting sensitive data. This robust security model is applied across the system right down to individual case note level.

The open APIs within the platform are free of charge and designed to make integration with any other solution simple and secure. The Platform’s integration engine provides the ability to quickly and easily build shared views of data. This enables joined up working between social work and health.  

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