HSJ Awards Finalist: Improving care with technology


HSJ Awards Finalist: Improving care with technology

Solving the problem of delayed transfers of care with BedFinder:

Our work with Hertfordshire County Council and their partners has been shortlisted within the HSJ Awards. We have been awarded a finalist spot under the category of improving care with technology for our work on BedFinder. It is a great honour and adds to the accolades already achieved as an organisation.

The HSJ Awards have been held every year since 1983. They have become the most sought after accolade in British healthcare. They recognise the finest achievements from within the NHS and showcase them to the service’s most influential leaders. Winning an award is a celebration in achievement and demonstration of outstanding practice. Innovations play a huge part in the development of health and social care, they challenge the status quo and improve the lives of those around. Our BedFinder solution is just that.

“BedFinder is a simple concept. It removes the complexity out of booking a room in a care home and gives people their independence back quicker. We are committed to making a difference as an organisation and being recognised within these awards is proof that we have made it.”

This award continues the recent success of BedFinder. From being highlighted on the BBC to numerous online sites picking up the story and being shortlisted in the National Technology Awards. BedFinder makes a difference.

Created to combat the problems associated with delayed discharge of Care, BedFinder, makes a difference. It turns the process of searching for suitable vacancies into the equivalent of booking a room in a hotel. A simple yet ground-breaking change.

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Adam Ratliff
Marketing and Pre-Sales Manager

Email: adam.ratliff@olmgroup.com
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