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Case management that makes life Easier

Efficiency is the underlying goal of all technology. Regardless of the industry that it is found in, technology’s primary goal is to simplify everyday tasks and free up time. Time is the most valuable entity as time-saving is linked directly to money savings. At a time where health and social care are being placed under incredible strain, any efficiencies in the system that can be found are priceless. Effective systems that allow for the ease of sharing information are essential. They save time, aid collaboration amongst partner agencies and ultimately help to safeguard the most vulnerable.


This seems like a simple consideration but too often those who design technology solutions do not design them for those who will use it. They design it for themselves. This can be a problem when the solution ends up being designed without practical, sector considerations. What do we mean by this? Within Social Work you need to work with many partner organisations and share data. Seems simple but what if they are utilising a device that is incompatible with your case management solution?

You need to be utilising software that is mobile responsive and device agnostic. This prevents problems associated with incompatible devices as the software can be used anywhere and at any time. This ensures a seamless service delivery platform. You also continue to save time and money as you are not forced to export information from one system into another. You will not be forced to purchase new equipment and be able to maintain your current set-up.

In a recent survey run by NHS Digital, where 786 Social Workers were surveyed, 98% said that they had experienced problems using digital technology. This is creating a significant barrier to the integration of care and sharing of data. The usability and ease-of-use of systems were cited by more than 50% of those surveyed. This emphasises the importance of technology that is easy and reliable to use. Any delays in social care can be costly. Even a minute spent unnecessarily exporting data from one system to another can have a knock on to a Social Worker’s day.

What is that solution?

Eclipse Case Management Software

Impressed with its ease-of-use, intelligent workflow and multi-agency capabilities, local authorities have been looking at utilising the versatile nature of the system to help safeguard the lives of adults and children in their constituencies. The Eclipse for Early Help upgrade has proved to be particularly popular with authorities due to the in-built multi-agency functionality and easy-to-use interface.

Local authorities have also been investing in Eclipse to manage their troubled families programmes, in addition to using it as their domestic violence system. This is off the back of current figures that show that a child is referred to Social Services every 49 seconds in England and Wales. Combine this fact with the knowledge that budgets for local authorities shrinking, you begin to see the need for an efficient case management system. Authorities need a solution that utilises the flexible nature of 21st-century technology to reduce the time spent recording each case. Eclipse provides this solution and speeds up recording by up to 80%, providing teams with an immeasurable benefit, the ability to safeguard more lives.

The flexible nature of Eclipse means that users are able to work anytime, anywhere and from any device, significantly reducing the amount of time that workers need to spend on administration. This has an added benefit of providing workers with the opportunity to record at source and while on the move. All of this time that was used recording at the office is now once again usable. This not only provides workers with the opportunity to maximise the time that they spend with families, but also means that they are no longer beholden to the office. By providing the necessary tools to be able to work off-site, workers no longer need to factor time in the office to finish their case notes.


All of this technology sounds too good to be true when you consider the other solutions currently sitting on the market. One question that we always get asked is about the security settings within Eclipse.

A sophisticated security model sits at the heart of Eclipse, which supports simple and secure multi-agency usage. The software has been designed to provide a secured personalised view of the record to all the people involved in the case. The inbuilt security protects the data and only those who should see the case, can see the case. Access is strictly controlled by a number of factors such as user permission, professional relationship and consent from the client and this robust security is applied to the system right down to individual case note level.

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