Re-wiring Social Care

We are passionate about social care and the wider care sector, with a core ethos to delvier the best for citizens across the UK. We have been investing in creating innovative future-proof approaches that deliver real change, not just the status quo.

At OLM, we have dedicated ourselves to looking at the future of technology within health and social care. 26 years ago, our founder and current CEO, Peter O’Hara, saw the future and saw that technology could help to improve lives. Since then he has been on a journey to push the boundaries of what is possible and invested in developing the latest technology and services that move the industry forward. That journey has resulted in the award-winning Platform for Care and services through Partners for Change and Hytec.

The Power of Conversations

Our Partners for Change (P4C) Team provide effective change management through the patented ‘Three Conversations Model’. P4C have worked with more than 20 councils, using the model to show that social care approaches can work better for people and families, offer staff more productive and fulfilling jobs, in addition to reducing demand on budgets. The team has also led national and regional programmes for the Department of Health and ADASS.

One of their most recent projects was with Essex County Council. The team worked closely with senior staff and frontline workers to get the project moving and committed to collaboration and codesign, delivered significant change and improvement to the Council.

The Power of Digital

Digital solutions have proven applications across the board and have been assisting human life for the past 50 years. From break-throughs in medical technology to the simplicity of being able to order a taxi from your phone, technology has revolutionised the way in which we live our lives.

For social care, the potential applications are only just being seen. At OLM we have dedicated ourselves to looking at the future of technology within health and social care. 26 years ago our founder and current CEO, Peter O’Hara, saw the future. He saw that technology could help to improve lives. Since then he has been on a journey to push boundaries as to what is possible and move the industry forward. That journey has resulted in the Platform for Care.

The Platform for the future of social care

The Platform for Care is a secure award winning solution that has been developed to deliver reliability, speed and ease of use. Whether in the office, at home or in the community, the software can be used easily and efficiently. Covering multi-agency safeguarding, case management, finance and more, the Platform covers all of the requirements of health and social care management.

Back in 2011, Peter sat down and looked at the landscape within health and social care. He saw the changing environment and the move towards person-centred care. At this point, he had two options. Either rebuild the existing technology framework or create a new one from scratch. The later being the more complex of the two, but would ensure that the solution could take advantage of the latest technology. Peter chose to re-build the existing framework and set OLM on the journey to creating the Platform for Care.

In 2011/12 social workers were increasingly seeing their time being swallowed by the administration. A key task but when it takes you away from the core of your role, then you can see a problem. We looked at the situation and asked the question, ‘How can technology help to alleviate this situation?’

Everything we build on the Platform has been designed with usability and efficiency in mind. We worked directly with over 300 social workers to test our designs and concepts. We built the application for the cloud so that it delivers the best experience and availability. By making our solutions easy to use and available anywhere, we ensure portability and flexibility. Why is this important? Social workers are now no longer tied to the office, they can craft updates at a convenient location. This can save a social worker the trip to the office and hours of wasted time. This simple switch re-wires the approach and provides social workers with additional time to spend with those who need help the most.

In 2013 a parliamentary report was published by the British Association of Social Workers. Amongst other items, it highlighted Social Work and the IT systems that support them. Going on to say that these systems were “failing practitioners” and they “felt chained to their desk by unwieldy IT systems”. It was a report that confirmed we had made the correct choice by developing the pioneering Platform for Care. We put practitioners first as we have done since day one and have no regrets for this in doing so.

The Smart Choice

In addition to the efficiencies brought about by responsive design, we looked at utilising modern technology to boost the application’s intelligence to speed up recording and reduce administration. Our smart technology platform has been built with intelligence at the forefront to enable automation of administration and personalise the user experience. Using our Platform you can deliver significant efficiency gains speeding up recording by as much as 70-80% in areas.

We believe that the Platform for Care is the future but also understand that each client has different needs and priorities, regardless of which part of the Platform that you invest in, you realise that it has been created directly with clients. 

Built for Collaboration

We developed the software to address the concerns of social workers and designed it with security, multi-agency collaboration and efficiency in mind.

A sophisticated security model sits at the heart of Eclipse, which supports simple and secure multi-agency usage. The software has been designed to provide a secured personalised view of the record to all the people involved in the case. The in-built security protects the data and only those who should see the information, can see the record. Access is strictly controlled by a number of factors such as user permission, professional relationship and consent from the client and this robust security is applied across the system right down to individual case note level.

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