Supporting Care Organisations: Whatever their size from the Cloud

No matter how big or small your organisation may be; we know that you make a difference and will support you. Since day one, OLM has made a promise to put its customers first. This may sound simple and what every business should do but in reality, this can get lost in translation.

In yesterday’s social care systems, we were unable to meet the requirements of smaller organisations and the inflexibility of the system meant that it was difficult and costly to make changes to the system.

To put our customers first and to be fit for the future OLM has invested significantly in building a new solution from the ground up. 

Eclipse: adaptable and scalable solution for the Care Sector

We offer the first and only adaptable Cloud Native solution on the market. No other supplier can offer this solution to their clients, but why is it important?

Adaptable solutions are essential as all customers are slightly different and work in different ways. We provide best practise configurations to reduce costs and increase implementation speeds, but also provide the market's first Cloud Native solution.

Cloud-Native is an approach to building and running applications that fully exploit the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model. Most importantly it includes the ability to offer nearly limitless computing power, on-demand, and release enhancements at speed. Cloud Native is able to offer the business benefits to clients detailed below:

The main benefits

  • Responsiveness
    Organisations that invest in Cloud-Native technology will be able to receive new functionality significantly faster and therefore respond sooner to customer demands.

  • Resilience
    Cloud-Native apps are inherently resilient to failure. In the event of an issue, app processing instantly moves to another server or data centre automatically and seamlessly.

  • Scalability
    Cloud-based services are ideal for councils with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands based on increased collaborative working. With auto-scaling and load balancing there will be no degradation of service as your numbers of users grow or at peak times of the day. 

  • Performance
    Cloud Native solutions access the native features of the public cloud services to provide significantly better performance than non-native features.

  • Efficiency
    Cloud-Native applications leverage the cloud-native features and APIs, which provide a more efficient use of underlying resources. This means that the application's impact on the underlying hardware and software is better managed, and thus you have good performance and less cost.

  • Cost
    Since you're building applications that are more efficient, they cost less to run. Native cloud providers are able to do more with less, which translates directly into reduced cost for the customer.

The Eclipse software is system and device agnostic and is mobile responsive. This means it works on any device. Therefore our customers can use the IT kit they have already invested in and make the most of new ways of mobile working. Our Eclipse users are no longer chained to the laptop.

They can take their work with them and not be beholden to the office. Mobile responsive technology allows a piece of software to be accessed via the internet and not need to be installed locally. This cuts the cord and means that workers are able to take their work with them rather than be beholden to the office and returning to update case notes or write up assessments. The time saving here is priceless and OLM is the only social care technology provider that truly offers the benefits of Cloud-Native.

Award-Winning Cloud approach

The latest software tackles the problems that exist in the care sector today and addresses the emerging challenges of tomorrow. The delivery of the OLM’s latest solutions continues to succeed and was recognised in several national and international award competitions last year. These being:

  • Technology. Media. Telecoms. Awards (TMT)
    Winner - Best Health and Social Care software & services supplier in the UK

  • European Business Awards
    Winner - National Champion within the category for innovation

  • National Technology Awards
    Winner - Best Public Sector project

These awards solidify our position in the market and confirm the statements that we make to be true. We are in the business of making a difference and bringing effective change management to health and social care organisations from across the country. We are an organisation dedicated to change management and work with clients to develop solutions that improve lives.

The continued success of our Platform for Care solutions to date is testament to our ‘user-focused’ approach.

  • Our Citizen Engagement Portal is now used by more than 9 million UK citizens

  • Our MASH solution is used by more than 20% of the UK’s MASH Hubs

  • Our Finance platform supports more than £2bn of transactions annually

  • Our Commissioning solution ensures that each local authority in the UK can meet the ‘Market Oversight’ and ‘Provider Failure’ clauses of the Care Act

  • Our Case Management solution marks the future of collaborative, connected care

  • Our Delayed Transfers of Care solution has helped to solve the problems associated with delayed transfers from hospital in the UK