Swindon Borough Council transform care with Eclipse

Following an extensive tendering exercise, Swindon Borough Council (SBC) have selected OLM’s Eclipse Platform, as a replacement to their current Adult social care case management system.

Swindon Borough Council support more than 200,000 people. A growing number of these are over the age of 65 and with this in mind they recognised that the traditional model of social care would not be sustainable for the future.

Swindon Borough Council’s approach to care and support puts the person at the heart; they’re changing the conversation, building a simpler, stronger approach and over the past few years they have been transforming their Adult Social Care service, focussing their efforts on moving to a new model of collaborative outcome-focused services.

When selecting a new IT system they knew they needed a scalable, agile system that was flexible enough to support the way they wanted to record, rather than be rigid and prescriptive like older IT systems.

Intelligent, intuitive and integrated: enabling SBC’s success

SBC needed a system that would help the practitioner easily identify people’s strengths, wishes, feelings and needs and enable them to be proactive and focus on meeting those positive outcomes.

Their social care teams needed to be able to easily record information alongside their clients and support meaningful conversations with ways to improve their lives.  It is critical that SBC staff always have access to their information systems to fully understand the client and their entire story. They therefore understood the benefits of moving to a cloud solution, in terms of performance, cost and security.

Due to the emergent integrated working with the Health agenda and the Social Care green paper due later this year, SBC also required a system that could be integrated seamlessly with any system through Open APIs.

Angela Plummer, Director, Adult Social Care at Swindon Borough Council said:

“OLM’s Eclipse system will be an enabler for the transformation that is taking place across Swindon Adult Social Care. Throughout the procurement process, OLM’s team have listened to Swindon. They have shown SBC how Eclipse can not only meet but also exceed our requirements. OLM has clearly listened to the sector in the development of Eclipse.”

“As a cloud solution with sophisticated security, Eclipse supports collaboration by allowing our practitioners and partners to record directly into the system from wherever they are and whatever device they are using. This will significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery.“

“The Eclipse system is user-focused, intuitive and agile, enabling our Social Care teams to improve productivity and use their professional judgement and creativity supported by intelligent next-generation IT to do the job they were trained to do – supporting the people of Swindon to live the best lives they can.”

Peter O’Hara CEO and Founder of OLM stated:

“We are delighted Swindon Borough Council have joined our growing community of Eclipse users. For too long processes have been mandated by the IT system. I have invested in developing Eclipse to provide something new and different to the sector.  Eclipse provides the flexibility and responsiveness to enable Swindon Borough Council to deliver the best service to their citizens and support real transformation.”


About OLM

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About Eclipse: Intelligent, intuitive multi-agency case management that makes recording easy

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