Case Management Software for Health and Social Care

Eclipse: Intelligent, intuitive multi-agency case management that makes recording easy for Health and Social Care professionals

For twenty five years, OLM has led the way in providing case management solutions to Children's Social Care, Adult Social Care and Health. Our most recent iteration is the pioneering solution – Eclipse.

Our Eclipse software has been built with the user at its core, addressing the challenges social workers and Health Care professionals face when recording. Eclipse case management software provides a clean and modern interface that makes using it second nature. Rich functionality in our case management tool speeds up and takes the complexity out of social care and health recording.

The case management solution uses responsive design, ensuring the best display on any device: laptop, tablet or mobile. It also allows for the upload of media to case files, including video, audio and images, making Eclipse a truly 21st Century solution.

"Staff have responded very positively to the case recording capabilities, it is a real benefit"

Group Recording

A common case management complaint from social worker and health professionals is the time wasted recording the same information across multiple clients. 

Eclipse case management solves this issue through its innovative group recording functionality, supporting better and more informed decision-making. Users love recording information once across easily-defined groups as this significantly speeds up the case recording process by removing duplication and retyping of service users records. 

Workflow that flows

A common complaint in inspection reports is that traditional workflow often gets in the way when circumstances change by remaining too rigid.

Eclipse overcomes this issue using flexible workflow functionality.

We have also responded to feedback that workflow can be hard to follow as a complex diagram and that functionality needs to take into account varying levels of experience.

Eclipse uses clustered Checklists to show users the workflow; there are no complex diagrams, just a simple list of what needs to happen next. For novice users the workflow uses a supported 'read and do' model of and for more advanced users, the Checklists support a 'perform and check' model where the Checklist will only interact with the user if they have forgotten to do something.

Eclipse is provided with a set of pre-configured workflows which can be modified to suit local practice. A workflow designer tool is provided to allow creation of new clustered checklists or the modification of existing ones.

Multi-agency at the core

The ability for multiple agencies to use or view systems is central to new ways of working across the care sector. A sophisticated security model sits at the core of Eclipse, which supports simple and secure multi-agency usage. 

Eclipse is designed to provide a secure and personalised view of a record to all the people involved with a client. The security model ensures data is protected. Access is strictly controlled by a number of factors such as user permission, professional relationship with the client and consent from the client. This robust security is applied across the system, right down to individual case note, chronology entry and form section level.

Features and benefits


Works on any device or browser 


Upload media to case files, including video, audio and images


Powerful logic engine that automates known and repetitive activities

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    supporting the care industry

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  • 90%

    customer satisfaction

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