Social Care Financial Management Software

A complete set of financial management tools that provide end-to-end control of your social care finance process

OLM has a successful track record in this area supporting councils make in excess of £2bn transactions per annum. OLM currently provides a set of tools that have the reputation for being stable, robust and reliable.

We are delivering a new suite of social care finance software which can be used stand-alone or integrated with your social care case management system; Fiscal. Fiscal will enable councils to manage all aspects of their social care finance using the latest technology. Fiscal's key functionality will include commitment accounting, payments & adjustments, exceptions and full auditing.

For Adult Services, OLM currently delivers Care Act compliance with functionality such as Financial Assessments, Deferred Payment Agreements, Personal Budget Management and Commissioning.

For Children's Services, OLM currently supports the management of Foster Carer payments, Residential Care Home payments, Section 17 payments and much more.

With more than 20 years expertise in social care finance, OLM is the number one choice for your financial management.

OLM support over £2bn of transactions annually through our financial software

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