Children's Services

Safeguarding children and their familes with our leading software platform and services

Children’s Services have undergone tremendous change over the last few years, with the Children’s and Families Act in England, the GIRFEC agenda in Scotland and the renewed focus on integrated working across the UK.

Throughout this period, OLM has worked intensively with our customers to ensure that we make the most of the opportunities these changes have offered. We have been investing and developing new software and services to support effective Children’s social care.

The Platform for Care now enables Local Authorities to work in a way that will tell the child and family’s story, increase recording efficiency and enhance joined-up decision making.

Early help and CAF

Eileen Munro’s report, 'A child-centred system', highlighted the importance of providing early help to families. The Early Help and CAF App in our Eclipse software fully supports coordination between those functions. Eclipse delivers secure Multi-Agency access and it's sophisticated security model allows any practitioner working with a Child to check if a CAF already exists and request access permissions for it. Once approved, they can feed into the CAF record and share their concerns and develop a plan to support that child and their family. Users can collaborate with others on the CAF to provide an integrated package of support and monitor progress.

As part of our integrated platform, where concerns for a child increase, the lead professional can escalate this to specialist services without the need to duplicate information and risk the family falling through the net. Crucially, Eclipse supports the step-up and step-down process between CAF and social care, enabling a seamless transfer of responsibility and information, and keeping the child at the centre.

Multi-agency safeguarding hubs

At the core of our Platform for Care software is an understanding of effective Multi Agency Safeguarding. We have ensured that the Platform for Care is able to manage risk and improve decision-making through effective Multi-Agency Working.

As part of the front door, Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASHs) are able to use our Guardian software to facilitate information sharing and informed decsion-making between agencies such as Police, Health and Social Care. Once an outcome has been recorded in Guardian, the case can be referred to the appropriate department such as Children’s Social Care or Early Help/CAF. A full audit trail of the decisions taken in the MASH is recorded in the Guardian software. Agencies are able to share all crucial information safe in the knowledge that sensitive information is retained within the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub.

Children's social care

We have developed our Eclipse case management software to transform the user experience. Unlike traditional case management systems, we have built the Eclipse software with an understanding of the challenges of 21st Century social care alongside access to the latest technological developments. The Eclipse software is highly intuitive, enabling fast and efficient use.

Group recording, multi-media and artificial intelligence speeds up the recording process, allowing social workers to maximise time spent with children and their families and minimise time spent in front of their computers. Rich features such as our innovative workflow and user-definable chronologies enable social workers to deliver a high quality service.

Fostering and adoption

MyLife citizen portal has rich functionality enabling you to transform ‘paper based’ experiences across to enhanced digital experiences. In Fostering and Adoption we have supported the digitalisation of processes with foster carers and adopters eradicating courier and printing costs. Events such as information evenings, prospective carer preparation groups and training can be recorded and booked online and attendance monitored.

In addition, our Eclipse software manages the complete fostering and adoption process and is provided with model office forms and processes.


Local offer and children's web portals

A key aspect of the Platform for Care is engagement; our citizen portal, MyLife, provides you with a rich content management system for you to publish all your information and advice your Local Officer in a clear and consistent way.