ISO 27001 Certification Services

Achieve the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard

Hytec, OLM’s specialist information governance and security division, provides services to support N3 Connection, DSP Toolkit accreditationPSN connectivity and ISO 27001 certification.

Since 2006, Hytec has been a member of the British Standards Institution (BSI) Associate Consultant Programme (ACP).   As a certification body, BSI Management Systems is unable to provide consultancy services and recognises specialist consultancies such as Hytec who are able to carry out such work.

Our consultants are ISO 27001 Lead Auditor experts and have considerable experience in assisting organisations to achieve the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard.

Contact us today on 0208 973 1100 to find out how we can help you connect with our ISO 27001 certification.


What is ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an information security management system that can be gained to demonstrate your company's commitment to protecting data and corporate information. ISO 27001 compliance can allow your business to expand into new markets thanks to an enhanced reputation, and certification that proves your organisation has been independently assessed, and verified in having effective information security controls in place. 

ISO 27001 focuses on protecting data, its confidentiality, and availability of the information in a company. Becoming ISO 27001 compliant demonstrates that your business has systems and controls in place in order to manage risks and threats. Every security incident costs money, so the main aim of ISO 27001 is to prevent incidents, in turn saving costs for your business. 

Benefits of ISO 27001

  • Competitive edge: ISO 27001 certification by Hytec gives a public and independent statement of your capability
  • Minimising risk:  ISO 27001 ensures controls are in place to reduce the risk of security threats and to avoid any system weaknesses being exploited
  • Best practice: ISO 27001 certification by Hytec gives you, your customers, trading partners and other key stakeholders, confidence that you have addressed all security risks
  • Reduced costs: Following a methodical risk assessment approach ensures that resources are applied to reduce overall risk

Why Hytec for ISO 27001

  • Information security specialists: Hytec's assessors are management systems experts, qualified in information security and other aspects of IT
  • Proven track record: Hytec has a proven track record of helping high profile customers gain ISO 27001 accreditation quickly and cost effectively
  • Tailored offerings: Hytec offers ISO 27001 compliance services tailored to the needs of each client from a full service offering to an advisory service based on your organisation's requirements.  We have found many clients that have highly capable internal teams ready to do the majority of the ISO 27001 discovery and implementation work associated with a project. Our role in these scenarios is to be ISO 27001 auditors and leaders rather than implementers. This reduces costs for the client and creates an awareness that the ISO 27001 standard is the client’s own system rather than something that has been imposed by an external body.

How Hytec will work with you

Onsite meeting

During this initial meeting we would provide an introduction to IS0 27001 including a roadmap towards certification or compliance.

Evidence, maturity and gap analysis

We assess the evidence that exists in your organisation, and create a complete ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

Corrective actions

Hytec advises on corrective actions required to meet the gaps. Where compliance with other standards is also required (PCI DSS, NHS DSP Toolkit, PSN), we identify common controls and re-use.


At an appropriate stage, we would introduce a BSI Account Manager for certification. We would confirm the scope and approach with the ISO 27001 accreditor.

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