The power behind education, health and social care



ECLIPSE provides a software and services platform to support next generation service  provision.  ECLIPSE is a single platform made up of nine components that can be selected to meet your exact requirements and combined to support complete service transformation across the care, health and education sectors.  

You may only need one part of the ECLIPSE platform or you may benefit from it all, the choice is yours.

OLM believes in taking the complexity out of people's lives, putting the user at the centre of everything we do. We build real solutions to real problems and work closely with citizens and practitioners to understand their needs.

Using our expertise in service redesign, agile technology development, security and infrastructure, we design and deliver integrated solutions. These complete solutions meet the unique challenges of the care, health and education sectors.

Our ECLIPSE software is intuitive and easy to use, delivered across a single database it integrates across education, health and social care to inform and protect citizens and service users. We deliver an information environment that helps professionals to work more efficiently and effectively together.

ECLIPSE provides a software platform that covers; case management, citizen engagement, safeguarding, finance and commissioning. Alongside this powerful next generation software is services such as transformation, data management and security. By combining these elements together you create a complete environment for the management and delivery of the highest standards of care.