Search and book care home beds with one quick and easy application

Eclipse Bed Management

ECLIPSE Bed Management saves social care and Health partners time and money. The software quickly and easily locates suitable care home vacancies. At the same time, it helps to support the care economy by improving occupancy rates for care home providers. 

What if booking a bed in a care home was as easy as booking a room in a hotel? It can be. 

ECLIPSE users are able to securely access a portal to see up-to-date information on care homes, their vacancies and facilities. They have the ability to easily book them without the wasted time of calling around to every home in the area.

The software saves administration time, simplifies the booking process and helps reduce delayed transfers of care. Organisations that have implemented ECLIPSE Bed Management have improved efficiency by over 100%.

In the spirit of joined-up working and the Care Act, ECLIPSE Bed Management can be used by health, social care and the general public to support and inform their care home choices.

ECLIPSE Bed Management can be used across respite and long stay beds. In addition to this it can also be used across a number of different arrangements, for example, it has been used to support the Shared Lives Agenda for one of our Local Authorities. It has saved the Local Authority in question more than £200,000 per annum in costs associated with bed management.

Features and Benefits

Simple to use

Online booking

Improve care home occupancy

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