Intelligent, intuitive multi-agency case management that makes recording easy

Eclipse Case Management

Our ECLIPSE Case Management has been built with the user at its core. It addresses the challenges that social workers and health care professionals face when recording

ECLIPSE Case Management has been built with direct input from more than 500 professionals to ensure it is the easiest to use application available. ECLIPSE provides a clean and modern interface that makes using it second nature.

Inbuilt system intelligence speeds up the recording process by automating known or repetitive tasks. ECLIPSE gives the power back to professionals by reducing administration, enabling them to concentrate on delivering the best outcomes for their clients.

ECLIPSE works on any device, anytime, anywhere enabling direct recording with clients. Built on the latest cloud-native technology, ECLIPSE is true next-generation software, adapting and developing, as needs change with speed and ease. 


Features and Benefits

Automates known/repetitive activities

Case file upload - video, audio, images

Works on any device or browser

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