Power to the people: citizen self-assessment and self-service delivered

Eclipse Citizen Engagement

ECLIPSE Citizen Engagement puts the person at the heart of your processes. Our citizen access solution enables collaboration and transparency between the professionals and the individual involved.  ECLIPSE Citizen Engagement offers better, faster, easier care, arranged on the citizen’s own terms.

There is an increasing demand for public bodies and care organisations to connect online with their clients. Effective service transformation across the education, health and care sectors is supported by our rich and versatile ECLIPSE Citizen Engagement. With the seamless flow of information through to the master record on the ECLIPSE Case Management platform, channel shift is made easy.

ECLIPSE supports millions of citizens across the UK putting choice and control back into their hands. Using its available functionality citizens are able to self-refer, self-assess and self-serve. Clients are able to interact with their record, contribute to their plan and express their wishes and feelings via a digital platform.

Using ECLIPSE Citizen Engagement the individual's journey is seamless and joined up. It does not require expensive integration or re-keying of data.

Features and Benefits

Online forms for self service

Successful signposting

Low cost of ownership

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