Ensuring data privacy through compliance and cyber security

Eclipse Security and Governance

Managed Security Service and Information Governance Services ensure our customers are compliant and well protected. 

Working in security and information governance for over three decades we have established a comprehensive service. These services significantly enhance the protection of systems/data, helping you to achieve your compliance requirements and ensure appropriate security mechanisms are in place.

ECLIPSE Security and Governance services have been specifically designed for Local Authorities and commercial organisations who need appropriate governance and cyber security.

ECLIPSE Security and Governance services offer a unique service that can be selected individually or as a package. Governance support includes cyber essentials, PSN compliance, HSCN connectivity and the DSP Toolkit.

The Managed Security Service is the latest offering from the Security and Governance wing. It offers cybersecurity and alerting, threat intelligence, on-demand vulnerability scanning, Asset identification and related security posture, detection of anomalous activity and incident response.

These safeguards underpin the complete ECLIPSE environment.

Features and Benefits

Security expertise


Accredited auditors

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