Simon Tobias: 2 minute read

ECLIPSE for Education continues to grow

ECLIPSE for Education continues to get great feedback from our customers, grow its customer base and great Ofsted ratings as we continue our journey to revolutionise the sector.

At OLM, we believe the current technology serving the Education sector is just not good enough.  It is too old fashioned, too rigid and far too expensive to run. It does not suit the digital experience that citizens now expect and therefore is not fit for the future. 

We are using our 30 years’ experience in public sector software and a team of education industry experts to develop a new and innovative platform for Education Services. One that is built using the latest technology, one that adapts easily to both local processes and national policy changes and one that will be built in partnership with you.


Our priority is to work with our customers to launch a next-generation platform that meets the needs of Education Services, now and into the future. Underpinned by our market-leading integration capabilities, the platform will support local authorities, schools and other providers to deliver a joined-up, coherent and consistent education journey.

Proven reporting and data management will facilitate streamlined workloads, faster decision-making and a single view across multiple systems and organisations.


Our ECLIPSE software will be built using the latest Cloud Native technology, removing the constraints of traditional legacy systems.  The system will provide the best of breed management software for the following areas:

  • Centralised Statutory Services
  • Education Admin Support including FSM, Inclusions, SEN and Transport
  • Admissions Management
  • Tracking Attendance, Attainment and Exclusions

We have already made inroads with our SEND and ALN solutions that have been well received as a breath of fresh air and we are excited about what we will deliver to the Education software sector.