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Free software, ECLIPSE Lite, launched in the light of Covid-19 to co-ordinate Community Hubs across the country

OLM has launched ECLIPSE Lite, a bespoke software solution, available free of charge to local authorities. It is designed specifically to coordinate the responses of each Community Hub across the United Kingdom, to ensure that multiple organisations can effectively coordinate their approaches to the current pandemic. 

ECLIPSE Lite, which is deployed on OLM's Google Cloud Platform, is free until the end of September 2020 for Community Hubs. Community Hubs are a key part of the Government’s response to the current pandemic. They have been created to ensure that people are supported, with local authorities being required to respond rapidly with a digital solution to process the activity of each Community Hub. 

In response to this, an easy-to-use, secure and powerful solution, ECLIPSE Lite, acts as an online community whiteboard. It has the ability to coordinate the work of members, including all health and social care professionals and volunteers, working within the Community Hub. 

The solution is easily accessible and works on any device which enables staff and volunteers to view and update relevant information on each person’s case, at any time, from anywhere. ECLIPSE Lite also provides real-time information on each individual’s met and unmet support needs for accommodation, transport, provisions and health and social care support. This allows communication and co-ordination between hub members to review care provision and identify what extra help is needed and for who.

Furthermore, the software solution clearly indicates any Covid-19 test data to safeguard all the teams working within each Community Hub.

As a cloud-native solution, ECLIPSE Lite delivers high performance, reliability and 99.9% availability.  It is simple to implement and can be deployed within 24 hours, allowing users to access the system in minutes.

Peter O’Hara, Chief Executive at OLM said,

“I am always amazed at the hard work and dedication of those in health and social care.  I am delighted that OLM has been able to use our skills and expertise to support the Covid-19 response. A big thank you to all my colleagues that worked so hard to ensure that ECLIPSE Lite was developed and ready for deployment. I would also like to thank our cloud providers, Google, for helping to make our free of charge offer available until the end of September.

The key to the success of any system rolled out at speed is simplicity. Due to the agility of our software platform, OLM has been able to support the Covid-19 response by creating a bespoke, easy-to-use software solution specifically to meet the co-ordination needs of Community Hubs across the UK. Thousands of people have volunteered to help during the coronavirus outbreak and ECLIPSE Lite is a key tool to help local authorities co-ordinate and manage this community response at pace.”

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